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        Xingsheng Plastic Pipe Industry Co. Ltd, founded in 1981.After 36 years’ development,it becomes a comprehensive modern enterprise with 120 million RMB assets.Company focusing on production and selling pipes of drinking water,water- saving irrigation and pipe fittings accessories products.


        Hebei Xingsheng is one of the largest manufacturer on rigid polyvinyl chloride (UPVC)pipes,polypropylene(PE) pipes,polypropylene(PP) pipes,impact modified polyvinyl chloride(PVC-M)pipes,drip irrigation tape and flexible hose in North China.All products based on National standard GB/T10002.1-2006,GB/T13664-2006,GB/T13663-2000,GB/T19812.3—2008,GB/T19812.1—2005,QB/T1929-2006,CJ/T272-2008,area standard DB65/T2953-2009.All of the raw materials come from national large-scale chemical plant, non- toxic and odorless,so it can be ensured products buried deeply underground without corrosion and non-polluted to the water.For pipes,the service life is up to 50 years.


        We have more than 80 engineer-teams in charge of urban water,water-saving irrigation,mountain water diversion,dripping irrigation,spraying irrigation and micro jetting.We also have highly technical equipments like ditcher machine,plastic pipe butt welding machines.etc.There are 50 professional technicians who can provide top technical support.We charge reasonable fee and provide the professional installation guideline with complete engineering construction for every customer.


        Hebei Xingsheng Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd looking forward to your sincere cooperation!

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