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        • Name: Dripper hose irrigation system


        Farm Irrigation system;Dripper Hose


          The small tube flow irrigation is a new water-saving and irrigation method which can directly to the roots of plants. We install a turbulator in PE branch tube and install a length of capillary tube in another side of turbulator.



          1. Less blocking, easy for purification: filters only need 60~80 mesh/inch, less washing, easy for management.

          2 .High-efficiency for water-saving and fertilizer-saving: The water and fertilizer can be directly used to the roots of plants, improve the efficiency of fertilizer; 60% water saved than surface irrigation.

          3. Good adaptability, suitable for all kinds of landform, soil, fruit trees, grapes, etc.

          4.The irrigation water running as jet-flow; there is water-course on the land; flow rate: 4L/H, 6L/H, 8L/H, 10L/H, 20L/H, 30L/H, 40L/H, 50L/H, 60L/H and etc. It should be suitable equipment which make water-flow directly to the root of plants.

          5. High-efficiency for irrigation, low labor strength: it could take 2 hours to irrigate 15acres, 450 trees which irrigated 100kg water every tree with one labor.

          6. Convenient for management, low cost for running: for all pipes buried under the ground, only 10~15cm came out, so the whole equipment cannot be damaged by nature and human-beings and less cost for maintaince. The working water-head is very low, less power consumption, low running cost.

          7. Widely adaptability: could irrigate for all kinds of solum structure of soil on hills and wast-slope,and also perennial plants.

          8. Less investment, easy to installation; more than 15 years service life (depends on raw materials)



        Fruit gardens, fruit trees, saplings, gardening, woods, parterre, greening project, and etc. , Which demand large flow water-saving and irrigation. (such as, oranges, bananas, apples, nuts, jujube trees, Pitaya friut, Litchi, chestnut, and etc.)




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