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        • Name: PE80 pipe water supply

        PE80 Pipes water supply;HDPE Pipes China Manufactuer;PE Pipe fittings

        Pipe type:PE80 


        Supply ability:2000meters/Day



        1、Good standards of hygiene: in accordance with drinkable water standard, non-toxic material, no scaling layers for bacteria; avoid the second pollution for drinking water.

        2、Excellent anti-corrosion feature: strong resistance to many chemical corrosions except some strong oxidant, no electrochemical corrosion, no rotting and rusting when buried under the ground, no leakage in long-term service.

        3、Long Service Life: more than 50 years’ service life under appropriate temperature and pressure.

        4、High Impact Resistance: good tenacity and high impact resistance, no cracking when pressed by heavy items.

        5、High workability: easy and reliable for connection; light weight, convenient for installation and maintenance.

        6、Good Low Temperature Resistance: applicable between -20℃~40℃, the brittle point can be -70℃.

        7、High Elongation strength: high tenacity PE with 500% elongations; very capable to the uneven sedimentation of tube basis; excellent anti-impact.

        8、High Flow Capability: the relative roughness of inner-wall is less than 0.01; no blocking, high-efficiency transportation.



        For drinking water and low-pressure water irrigation, the water temperature should be ≤45℃.

        (e.g. Urban water-supply project; internal and external water-supply for building; water-supply for industrial and mining enterprises; underground fire control project; water-saving and irrigation for farmland; water-supply for gardening and aquaculture, and etc.)



        Hot-melt connecting、Hot-melt socketing.  

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