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        • Name: PP pipe water supply

        PP pipes water supply;Polypropylene pipes China manufacture;Plastic pipe fittings


        1. Excellent anti-corrosion feature: PP pipes can bear the corrosion with PH of 1~14.

        2. Resistant to wear, no scaling: the inner-wall of PP pipes and fittings are even and smooth, small flow resistance and no scaling.

        3. Reduce shake and noise: for good sound insulation, it can reduce the shake and noise which caused by flow liquid.

        4. Resistant to frost crack: for good elasticity, the cross section of pipes and fittings could expand with frost heaving liquid and no cracking.

        5. Resistant to condensation, less heat losses: the materials of PP is poor conductor, which could reduce the condensation and heat waste.

        6. High workability: light weight, easy and reliable for connection and weldability.

        7. Long Service Life: more than 50 years’ service life under appropriate temperature and pressure.



        For drinking water and low-pressure water irrigation, the water temperature should be ≤45℃.

        (e.g. Urban water-supply project; internal and external water-supply for building; water-supply for industrial and mining enterprises; underground fire control project; water-saving and irrigation for farmland; water-supply for gardening and aquaculture, and etc.)

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