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        • Name: Labyrinth drip irrigation tape

        Labyrinth Drip tape;Drip irrigation belt;Dripper Hose;Agriculture irrigaion drip hose


        1、Reasonable Price;

        2、Integration of water and fertilizer;

        3、Water-saving, fertilizer-saving and labor-saving;

        4、Control the temperature and humidity;

        5、Keep the structure of soil; improve quality; increase production and efficiency;

        6、Non-toxic and hygiene,anti-algae and bacteria

        7、The water and fertilizer can be directly used to the roots of plants, improve the efficiency of fertilizer;

        8、Filter equipped, anti-blocking;

        9、Turbulence runner, well-distributed dripping;

        10、The distance between emitters can be adjusted, wide range of application;

        11、Dripper and pipe integrated, easy installation and usage, good integrity.



        Suitable for ≤45℃ irrigation water,fertilizer water and pesticide water.

        Irrigation for fruit trees, vegetables and green house ,etc.

        And also can be used for field crops in the drought lacks water areas.

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